RWW and annoying scroll bars?

On August 19, 2010, in news, by

Every time I connect to the server or desktops from my Windows 7 laptop via
RWW, the remote window is cropped – to view the edges I must use scroll bars.
 This happens no matter what screen size I choose in options – from smallest
to full screen.  When I connect via default.rdp, the window has no scroll
bars.  What setting is needed to make the (more convenient for remote) RWW
interface display properly?

Merv Porter says…
From another forum….
I had the same issue – turns out it’s the zoom level that you have set on IE8 that’s
causing the resolution to go haywire. check out this page –  
Basically to save you time so u don’t have to read the page, there’s a zoom level that’s indicated at the
bottom right of Internet Explorer 8. Mine was set to 150%, make sure it’s set to 100%. Then you will
have no problem. Hope this fixes your problem.



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