Comparing the two

On August 20, 2010, in news, by – Home, Small Business Server and Related Technology: Our first Aurora add-in, which also works on Vail:

What concerns me a bit with all the new SMB servers coming to pass is that it’s going to get confusing as to what work with what server.  I’m seeing folks working and builidng things for  “Aurora” and shorten it to the slang of “SBS”.

Just to be clear there are two SMB servers coming out.. one is 1/2 premises, 1/2 email/Sharepoint in the cloud, the other is the traditional on premises SBS with Exchange/SharePoint on the DC.  Aurora shares the same console code with Vail (aka the next version of Home server), but SBS v7 does not.  Thus console add ins for Aurora won’t work at all in SBS v7.  So when people start talking about SBS these days be sure you are clear which one they are talking about. There’s a nice product overview comparing the two servers that showcases better this difference between the two upcoming products.


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