A new ending to our fairy tale

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We’re revisiting our Fairy tale because we have a different ending to tell for SBS 2003 that came to light when discussing the issue with other members of the Kingdom.

Remember in SBS 2008 SP2 in order to set up the sync task to sync up the DSRM password and the Domain admin password we have to set up a scheduled task.  The key point for SBS 2008 is that you have to have SP2 -OR- the hotfix I linked to.  If you already have installed SP2 you have the item you need to sync ‘any’ account to the DSRM password.  The local admin normally syncs, in SBS 2008 you want to hook it to the secondary account set up by the install routine.  While it does this upon first install, to make your life easier, set up the task to keep it sync’d after that..  The good news is we don’t mess up SBS boxes like we used to and don’t need this password as often.

For SBS 2003 however the evil spell was broken a bit earlier than I thought. 

There’s a file called dsrestor.dll that got updated with Windows 2003 SP2.  SBS 2003 post sp2 will continue to sync the Domain admin password and the DSRM admin password and in fact uses a slightly different means that Windows 2008 to keep the two passwords sync’d.

So there you have it… SBS 2003 sync’s already… SBS 2008 you can set up an easy task to keep them after they are set the same after the first install.


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