Want to learn more about Small Business Server Code Name “Aurora”? – The Official SBS Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

Download the videos there…


Go there


If you don’t have a LiveID sign up there – https://login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=11&ct=1282630963&rver=6.0.5286.0&wp=MBI_SSL&wreply=https:%2F%2Fconnect.microsoft.com%2Fprogramdetails.aspx%3FProgramDetailsID%3D2292&lc=1033&id=64416

Now once you are signed up go to https://connect.microsoft.com/sbs

Ensure you are signed in with your LiveID

And now you should be able to click on this link and get into Aurora’s download


If you don’t see

Title Windows Small Business Server Code Name ‘Aurora’ Preview
Release Date 8/16/2010
Size 4,842.05 MB
Category Build

Title  Windows Small Business Server Code Name ‘Aurora’ Preview  
Release Date  8/16/2010  
Size  4,842.05 MB  
Category  Build  

Then you didn’t sign in with LiveID.  Holler if you have issues getting into the beta.


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