I didn’t expect that my newly received Kindle would know I bought it.

It’s already called “Susan’s Kindle”, it’s hooked to my Amazon account and recommends a combo of security books and “chick flick” books.

Kinda cool but kinda creepy that it already knows who I am and what I read because it’s prelinked to my Amazon account.

So I gotta ask.. is there a password on here or is there some other magic mumbo jumbo under the hood?

Rational Survivability: Amazon’s Kindle: Some Interesting Security Thoughts:

Ah I see someone else who works in cloud security has thought of this prior to me.


One Response to Amazon’s Kindle: Some Interesting Security Thoughts

  1. DaveN says:

    On the K3, there’s a password option in Settings -> Device Password.

    I’m a little jealous – mine’s in UPS limbo until Monday.