XChange: Microsoft Dangles Incentives To Cloud-Wary Partners:

“This isn’t just about signing partners up — we want to make sure we are assisting partners to transform their business into the world of cloud,” he said.

The ongoing industry shift to the cloud is even more dramatic than resellers that made the transition to being solution providers, but the good news is that the return is much larger, noted Martorano.

The services revenue is six times the software revenue opportunity,” he declared.


Do you make money off of selling Microsoft licenses?  I’m guessing not.  I’m guessing it costs you more (as it does me) to figure out the licensing nuances than you make off of it.  And I’ll bet many of you still make money off of desktop services even if you aren’t “all in” on the cloud.

Now mind you it looks to me that the SBSC $500 is not the cloud services $500… so check out Mark’s blog for another offer:

SBSC & MSP Buzz » Blog Archive » Microsoft MDF for SBSCs!:


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