If you want SharePoint 2010 Foundation on your SBS 2008 Read Robert’s Blog!!

While the whitepaper has been updated…there’s some key points:

Computer Information Agency:

2. After the migration process is complete and you bring up the new SharePoint site it will look almost identical to WSS v3. That’s because SharePoint Foundation 2010 has a visual upgrade feature that you have to select to upgrade the look and feel of the site. I believe that a major reason why people would want to go to all the trouble of installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 on SBS 2008 is so they can benefit from the new interface. 

So after you do the upgrade go into the site settings for the site and select the visual upgrade option to change the look and feel of your site to new SharePoint interface


Always  do this on a test box first, never on a production one and put down crib notes for yourself. 


2 Responses to If you want SharePoint 2010 Foundation on your SBS 2008 Read Robert’s Blog!!

  1. Can the SBS console manage the new version of sharepoint? I guess you could use the SQL version that comes with the premium version of SBS?

  2. Robert Crane says:

    To my knowledge SharePoint Foundation 2010 can be monitoring via the SBS console but not managed. This is simply because it is completely different package than WSS v3. Also fax and email archiving will no longer function if you upgrade. If you have also configured PDF indexing in WSS v3 that too will no longer work.

    You need to use SQL 2008 64 bit or better with SharePoint Foundation.