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It takes a village sometimes.

So the other day the recording of the Aurora OPK deep dive was released.  Great, says I, a great way for partners to get a look at Aurora.  But the partner learning sign up is the most horrific process to share links to webcasts I have ever come across.

That doesn’t go directly to the webcast link, it goes to a sign up.  One that has annoying popups and what not.  To the point where when I was at our geek meeting with Eriq Neale NO ONE in the group has gone to the partner learning portal because they find it annoying.

So I was telling them how I could tell that there was a url to a wmv file but I could not figure out the link as it blinked across the screen too fast.  I said I had told them I tried fiddler, but the url was hidden by the partner learning center wrapper.  I tried network monitor but because the link was protected by SSL I couldn’t see the link to the wmv file.  I tried looking at the firewall logs but again, SSL was blocking the url from me.

I was thinking that next I’d rip the media file and record my own to share this URL easier with User group leaders.

So then they said to use Camasta to record the screen on my computer. Then pause it right as the link showed up so I could capture it and figure out exactly where the wmv file was.

Bingo.  That worked.

And there’s the link to the direct windows media file.  A really good overview of Aurora including a little hint about migration.


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