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If the name Dean Paron sounds familiar is that he used to be on the SBS team.  But he didn’t go that far, just slid over to SBSize the educational market.

If you consult for .edu’s check out the MultiPoint server beta… think TS in a box.



2 Responses to Announcing Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 Beta

  1. Scott says:

    The product demo video almost made it sound like teachers are the decision makers for their classroom. Maybe in the US but not so in Canada. I don’t see this as a viable option here… my wife is a grade one teacher and the school board has given her classroom one working Pentium 4 (to power her smartboard) and three Pentium 3’s than are inoperable. Until someone decides to spend some money on the school systems, this is just eye candy.

  2. Jim Blum says:

    Have made a large investment in WMPs2010 as follows:

    -WMPS2010 Academic
    -17 HP MS6000 servers, 5 duocore w/ 4gb ram, 12 quadcore w/ 6gb
    -usb hubs = Wyse E01
    -4 hubs connected to each cpu

    The quadcore systems are crashing daily, no lights on client usb mice/keyboards. All displays go black. Only way to get things back is power slam.

    I have personally experienced this twice as the only user – both times I was just getting into the internet.

    Have logged call with MS, Wyse, HP – no answers. Need help!