Ten more tidbits on Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud play | ZDNet:

“As one of my sources explained the new pricing: “Prices stay the same for what you get today (actually lower in SMB/partner space since they have fewer Enterprise class needs) but additive elements allow someone to spend more for more functionality. Much like the transformation when Microsoft transitioned Core CAL users to the Enterprise CAL in the volume licensing arena — i.e., pay more to get more without formally announcing a price increase – which they don’t want to be doing and aren’t.”


It annoys me when vendors think small business means that they have “fewer Enterprise needs”.  Sometimes they have more needs because they wear many hats.

But it sounds like there’s an additive ability to they layer on functions.


2 Responses to Ten more tidbits on Microsoft’s new Office 365 cloud play | ZDNet:

  1. Bill V says:

    Wonder what this will do to SBS7 implementations.

  2. Microsoft and Small Business Solutions:
    MS understands two groups: endusers and large enterprises.
    If you check their internal company-design you know why:
    Small Business is always an added part to a group not an entity on itself…

    Annoyed is an understatement …