iPhone DST bug causing alarms to fail across Europe (updated) — Engadget:

Seeing this reminds me that this is the window where building servers is more ickier than usual, especially if you are using migration strategies like www.sbsmigration.com to build temp DCs.  Due to the dumb multi changes in the laws for daylight savings you will end up where your temp DC is an hour off because it doesn’t have the DST patch.  Mind you this is documented in the swing process but it’s still a pain in the rear.  It only bites you in this window of period between when the old daylight savings USED to kick in and now it’s in November.  The 2003 temp DC unless it has the DST patch will shift to the daylight savings zone that used to be in play (shifting the hour in October) and you have to patch it to not shift.  Server 2008’s have the DST patches from the get go and will be waiting until November to shift.

Also you need to watch time settings in HyperV and ensure that not only is EVERY DC in the same time zone, but also that you’ve turned OFF the time sync in the parent Hyper V.

Bottom line your 2008 era boxes will be shifting daylight time in November, 2003 era boxes WITHOUT the daylight patch will be shifted already (thus you need to daylight savings patch them) and ensure you turn OFF the HyperV time integration and match time zones.

If the boxes are more than 5 minutes off (plus or minus) they won’t replicate.


3 Responses to A little reminder of the ickiness of Daylight savings

  1. Dean says:

    ” but also that you’ve turned OFF the time sync in the parent Hyper V.

    Why ?

  2. Chris Knight says:

    Every time I see a Windows-related DST problem I wish that Microsoft did it right in the first place and just copied time zone handling from UNIX. Like they did with a lot of other code…

    Although it really surprised me that Apple screwed it up, given that iOS is UNIX-like.