So in SBS 2003 the webdav service is running so you can just map a drive to \\companyweb.

In SBSv7 however it doesn’t exactly work that way. 

First you have to get the server in a condition so that you can turn on webdav.

Go into features and turn on the Desktop experience

Reboot the box when prompted.

 Now you have to find the webdav (aka Web client) service and manually start the service. 

Now go back to windows explorer and click on Map a network drive.

Enter in the drive letter (remember this is temporary so don’t use a lot of brain power figuring out drive mappings and what not, this is just temporary) and then put in \\companyweb.

Untick the box to reconnect the login as we may not want this drive mapping permanent. 


And as you can see you get mapped drive access to your sharepoint site.  While you can map this permanently should you need or want to do so, you might consider this an alternative way to move content around. 

And see, that’s your Companyweb data but just in a traditional flat file drive map.


One Response to Mapping a drive to SharePoint in SBSv7

  1. On several occasions I have used drive mappings to allow remote users to have access to company files with SBS 2008. I think it is a vastly underused feature, but I wonder if loading up the Sharepoint database with possibly GBs of data is a good idea. Also, SBS is very sloppy in maintaining trim and healthy log files. (I just recently killed 20Gb on a 60Gb C: drive by truncating the SHAREPOINT_CONFIG log files and deleting a year’s worth of Inetpub W3SVC files.. and I didn’t even shrink the c:\windows\winsvs folder!)

    Do you think it really is a best practice to use Sharepoint as a File System? What has your feedback been?