Okay so I’m here for another sanity check…

Arriving Now: Microsoft Partner Network & Channel Cloud Push | The VAR Guy:

  • Social media: Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or the Microsoft Partner Network Community, any partner can get answers to questions and take part in conversations about latest technology trends and topics such as best practices, business development and how to drive innovation, the company claims. Alas, the draft Microsoft press release didn’t include links to the social media sites but The VAR Guy will track them down. Stay tuned.
  • I really don’t like question and answers driving through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn because you can’t search the answers externally.  Facebook in particular is a gated community that you cannot use a search engine to find answers.  While I applaud MS for wanting to use alternative platforms to start conversations, I also see that sometimes these platforms lead to fragmented discussions and lack of authoritative information. 

    Twitter’s answer stream, all 140 characters of it, rolls off never to be able to be read again too fast.

    Not everyone lives in Facebook.  Really.  Not everyone lives in Twitter.  Truly.  Not everyone uses linkedin.  Seriously. 

    Sometimes I’d like there to be a DMZ zone in the middle of all of this noise. 

    So?  Your thoughts? 


    3 Responses to Okay so I’m here for another sanity check…

    1. Mike says:

      The whole ‘Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn’ mantra is becoming a tired cliche.
      I think businesses are so terrified of mssing out on The Next Big Thing again that they promoting these solutions (Twitter especially) in a knee-jerk fashion without actually considering their suitablity for communicating/storing information.
      Twitter is incredibly inefficient – it is easy to miss information, there is hardly any ‘storage space’ and searching is hit and miss.

    2. Agreed; “Social” does not equal Professional, nor Techincal, or Intelligent

    3. SeanPT says:

      There seems to be a long history of using the wrong tools to share information. For example, look at the bazillion forums out there that have god awful FAQ threads instead of taking all that information and putting it up on a wiki.

      So it doesn’t surprise me that we are seeing more tools being used incorrectly but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

      As for your sanity, you continue to be the most sane blogger I follow when it comes to any kind of hype (save for Mini hype)