Why does SBS not do inplace upgrades anymore?

In a word.. E X C H A N G E. 

Because they haven’t, SBS can’t.

Why Migrations Instead of In-Place Upgrades? – Ask Perry – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

Want to know why they don’t?  Watch that video. 

And in small business EVERY mailbox is a precious mailbox.


One Response to Why does SBS not do inplace upgrades anymore?

  1. Chris Knight says:

    Just because the Exchange team doesn’t support in-place upgrades doesn’t mean SBS couldn’t do an in-place upgrade. Sure, it would require the SBS dev team to be really creative & assumes they have the manpower to do so, but to say “sorry, we can’t do it because Exchange doesn’t do it” lacks creativity, innovation and vision.

    Sure, it would require a massive amount of automation, additional storage and having the right hardware in place beforehand, plus the potential for it to blow up spectacularly is high and the recovery process would be a re-image, but think of all that time saved performing those tedious migrations!

    I’ve got my tongue firmly in cheek while writing this, but it’s a bit sad that an automated export/uninstall/OS upgrade/install/import is written off so easily.