Want your web cam to email you photos?

On November 24, 2010, in news, by


So if you want to add a bit of paranoia to your life, with that software (on Vista/Win7 choose app compat of XP sp2) and a standard run of the mill web cam you can set up a motion detection web cam that emails out. 

But on a SBS 2008 you do need to adjust the settings a bit.



You had to follow that, go to Server Configuration > Hub Transport and under Actions choose New Receive Connector (mind you if you have Exchange 2007 sp3 with rollup 1 you’ll need to remove rollup 1 for now or add the Schema component of Exchange 2010 sp1 ) and then you set up so that just a certain IP address can relay out.

Then go into the properties of the connector and change the authentication so that the application can relay out.


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