Tweaking Exchange 2010

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Tweaking Exchange 2010 for AuthAnvil… guess what… is the same instructions:

Scorpion Software Blog: Allowing AuthAnvil to send email on SBS 2008:


3 Responses to Tweaking Exchange 2010

  1. Dana Epp says:

    Good news is the upcoming v4 release, it supports authenticated SMTP, so you won’t need to tweak Exchange any more.

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  3. Chris Knight says:

    That’s some pretty bad advice IMNSHO.

    The correct way to cater for applications too lazy to provide authenticated SMTP is to create a new Receive Connector, lock it down to only those IPs that need to connect with Anonymous access (really should only be the SBS box!) and turn off all authentication so it can’t be used as a vector for username/password brute force attacks.

    The BOFH approach is to eject those applications from the network…