So after you get the source server and the new server talking to each other with the answer file stuck in as the appropriate time, it goes on it’s merry way and starts the process of DCpromo-ing and installing all the SharePoint and SQL stuff.

Now 99.9999% of the time everything from this point forward should install the server just fine… should it not, hit shift F10 and review the setup log file on the box.

So … where’s the log files you ask? 

Exactly in the same spots they were in SBS 2008.

Take that post, and the key setup log file you want to review is this one:

SBSSetup.log Logs all events that occurred during SBS setup

If Exchange barfs before it’s had a chance to be installed on the new server, review the SBS 2003 and see if any Exchange 2007 changes have been made to the server.  Typically it does not touch the SBS 2003 yet and thus you can start the migration over.  If Exchange installs on SBS 2011 and thereby impacts SBS 2003 and makes changes to the Exchange/active directory, fire up your system state backup .

When the sbs 2003 boots, hit F8 to get to the options to boot up menu.  Log into the directory services restore mode.  Fire up the ntbackup and go through the restore wizard to restore the system state. (This says 2000 but the info is the same for 2003 –


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