I’m reading the migration doc tonight (do I know how to party on a Friday night or what?) and it’s Soapbox time at the Bradley Blog.

Item 13. Page 26 of the whitepaper on how to migrate from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 says this:

On the Get important updates page, if the Destination Server is connected to the Internet, click Go online and get the most recent installation updates (recommended). If the Destination Server is not connected to the Internet, click Do not get the most recent installation updates. After the installation finishes and you configure Internet access, you can connect to the Internet to get the most recent updates

And I will once again state for the record that the LAST thing you should be doing during the install of an operating system beginning a migration process bringing change to a network is to introduce MORE change when you install the operating system and say “yes” to updates.  Currently there are no needed updates to fix the install process.  You build any pc behind a firewall these days.  The server has a nic firewall to protect it as it is being installed.  The update process does not just bring down install patches but ANY patches, security, .net etc.  So please, do me and yourself a favor and say NO to getting updates during the install process.


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