When you install SBS 2011 it puts all of the data on the C drive.  You then use the first of the migration steps to move the data from the C drive to other partitions.

Click the first link at the top

And then you get the screen that accumulates all of the move data helpers

  • Move Exchange Server Data: which moves both the exchange database file as well as your exchange transaction logs for all storage groups.
  • Move Windows SharePoint Services Data: Moves the SharePoint Content and Configuration databases.
  • Move Users’ Shared Data: Moves C:\Users\Shares\ directory and all sub directories 
  • Move Users’ Redirected Documents Data: Moves C:\Users\FolderRedirections\ directory and all sub directories
  • Move Windows Update Repository Data: Moves the repository data from C:\WSUS\WSUSContent and C:\WSUS\UpdateServicePackages. Please note it does NOT move the SUSDB Folder and the WSUS database which contains the metadata.

    4 Responses to Step 17 – move data to another location

    1. Joe Raby says:

      I think that should say “move your DATA”….you have “move your DATE”. Its also wrong in the second sentence.

    2. bradley says:

      Whoops fixed.

    3. ChrisB says:

      Will it move the folders into subfolders?

      As an example, I like to put all data in D:\Data or E:\Data. Eg

      D:\Data\User Shared Folders

      The wizards in 2008 would only dump folders into the root of D:

    4. David says:

      When attempting to move the Exchange data to a 1TB volume on drive D:, my newly built SBS 2011 server is reporting:

      Couldn’t get the status of database “Mailbox Database 2011010201”.

      Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?