So if you get something stuck in removing your Exchange 2003

Never fear you can manually pick out Exchange 2003 if you really and truly get stuck.

How to remove Exchange Server 2003 from your computer:

Hitting cancel thought keeps the uninstall process going…

Hang on I may have googled up something else that refers back to something I wrote eons ago.. (how funny)

So for some other KBs that you might stumble on if you have issues….

Error message when you try to remove Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange 2000 Server: “0x80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the server”:

Error: “Setup failed while installing sub-component Exchange ActiveSync with error code 0xC0070643 (please consult the installation logs for a detailed description). You may cancel the installation or try the failed setup again.” while installing Exchange 2003 SP2:

Actually I’m kinda glad this old image of a SBS 2003 didn’t cleanly uninstall like my real one did.  Stay tuned to a Friday night fest of manually removing an Exchange 2003 box.

Do I know how to party or what?


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