You must uninstall Exchange Server 2003 from the Source Server before you demote it. This removes all references in AD DS to Exchange Server on the Source Server. You must have your Windows SBS 2003 media to remove Exchange Server 2003.


    To remove Exchange Server 2003 from the Source Server, click Windows® Small Business Server 2003 in Add or Remove Programs, and then click Remove. Follow the instructions to finish the procedure.

    At this step you need ANY SBS 2003 media not necessarily YOUR SBS 2003 media.  I downloaded media and then attached the ISO as a DVD to the SBS 2003.

    You’ll need just disk 2 of SBS 2003

    Now go into add/remove programs.

    click next on this one

    Oh but wait ..what’s this error?

    I removed the connectors earlier….

    Delete the routing group connectors that connect the Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000 routing groups and the Exchange 2007 routing group. You can do this from Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2000 System Manager, or you can use the Remove-RoutingGroupConnector cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell. For more information, see Remove-RoutingGroupConnector.

    Why am I getting this error?  OH silly me, I deleted it from the SBS section (first administrative group) — the SBS one, but I didn’t delete the connector that goes between the two boxes. 

    Click to remove it
    Confirm the removal
    And there it goes
    When you are done, go into services and make sure that all the Exchange services have been removed.

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