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Wanna know something funny… the better comments are in some of the other blog posts around… mostly hints about future features of the product which as a beta tester you won’t see in the beta.

Windows Home Server ‘Vail’ Release Candidate (minus Drive Extender) goes to testers | ZDNet:

“Wait. I will need time to more thoroughly evaluate the storage changes in the Colorado servers to determine if Move a Folder is really all that compelling compared to the stunning features that were lost with Drive Extender. Unfortunately, Microsoft only provided me with the code for the Small Business Server 2011 Essentials RC, and then only a day before the public release. I won’t get access to the public RC version of WHS 2011 until the public. So I’ll need to wait myself.”

“Microsoft showed reviewers some very interesting add-ins that were only hinted at in the past. An Office 365 add-in will allow an employee to manage the company’s Office 365-based infrastructure directly from the management console, and will enable single sign-on capabilities between the local domain and the Office 365 services. A Windows 7 Professional Pack add-in will automatically configure Offline Files and Folder Redirection on connected clients and provide checkbox security templates for all PCs in the domain. A separate Windows Phone 7 add-in for each server, each customized to the server tasks specific to each product, will allow users to view alerts, trigger PC backups, reboot the server, and perform other actions from their phone. And Microsoft also showed off other add-ins, created by third parties, related to power management and cloud backup.”

A reminder:

Please note use of this build:  This build is for evaluation purposes only.  You should not install this in a production or regular home environment. Microsoft does not license you for, nor support installing in these environments. Your license to preview this product expires June 30, 2011 or upon commercial release of the software, whichever occurs first.  The software has an internal expiration to stop functioning on Aug 1, 2011.  We will remove the Connect offering for this release upon commercial release of the software.

And remember ..Essentials has client backup included in the product.  You’ll need to wait for Breckinridge/Storage Server for the server that will be the client backup server for a SBS network.


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