Mark Minasi’s Reader Forum – SBS 2003 to SBS 2011:

I had to laugh but not laugh a little bit reading this.  I don’t get why people think that any deviation from the Microsoft migration documents is somehow ‘unsupported’.  Karl advocates clean installs… that’s a supported migration path.  Jeff Middleton’s methodology of “swing” migration is a normal and supported active directory joining of the domain … it just happens to be with a twist of seizing the FSMO roles due to SBS being SBS. 

All of these things we do with clean/swing is the hoops we are jumping through due to active directory. 

Bottom line this idea that you’ll get no support if you choose path A or path B, that’s not how this works.  Anytime you call Karl, Jeff or Microsoft CSS, they will do their business best to support you.  Sometimes that means rolling back and starting over.  Sometimes that means trying another way.  But they aren’t going to stop you at the door and say “sorry dude, we won’t help you at all”.


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