Check the basics in migration

On February 15, 2011, in Migration, by

Getting the HyperV test servers set up again so I can step by step do the last legacy Exchange stuff and I’ve found a copy of things..

It helps if you rerun the ceicw on the SBS 2003 to redo the networking.  When in doubt rerun it.  If you are taking the server down to a single nic you’d have to anyway.

While I use a virtual floppy, my understanding is that even a extra iso mounted as a ‘dvd’ or another hard drive with the answer file will make the migration mode take.  Remember unlike SBS 2008 you don’t have to guess at when to plug in that answerfile, it stops and waits for you.

Remember if it stops and says you have a bad password, it may be just bad networking.  On the SBS 2011 hit Shift-F10 and type in explorer.exe or cmd and ping the server’d full domain name i.e. — servername.domain.lan and make sure it response back.


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