Download details: Migrate to Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard from Windows Small Business Server 2003:

Published: February 2011

Version: 11.02.23

Changes include:

Page 6 – expanded terms and definitions – now talks about primary and second server.

Page 15 – Removed a section that talked about migrating from SBS 2008 and downloading a prep tool.

Page 23 – Moved the guidance about migrating a custom DHCP scope (including static IPs) from your source server to your destination server.

Page 30 – Moved the guidance about the migration of DHCP from here.

Page 34 – Discusses optimizing network infrastructure to reduce time to migrate mailboxes to 1.0 GBPS network connections.

Page 58 – Title fixed up.

Page 69 – Removed reference to nextref_sbs.


Items that are still needed (in my opinion)

Page 37 – Info on how to speed up replication on public folders

Page 39 – In the section on skip the corrupted messages, recommend that the value of skipped messages needs to be less than 50 otherwise you’ll have to do it via PowerShell.

Page 42 – Needs to note that when you are told to delete out the Small Business Server Update services Computer policy, Common Settings policy and Server computer policy, you will only see these if you migrate from SBS 2003 R2.  If you never installed the R2, you didn’t have these WSUS policies.  The new WSUS policies installed by SBS 2011 look really close and it’s just a little bit confusing.


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