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I just completed migrating a customer from Small Business Server 2003 to SBS 2011, which is x64.

Now a legacy program called Trane Acoustics (TAP) won’t show shared folders whose length is longer than 8 characters.  Customer says TAP showed folders / files with names longer than 8 chars (including spaces and some special characters, even) prior to the migration. 

I have fooled with some permission changes to no avail.

Is there anything else I should try?  Is the 64-bit OS a possible culprit?


And I remembered this chesnut — hopefully it does the trick but FYI in case it helps anyone else…

 note from Tony:Some information for your after using yor blogs for years for help and assistnace…

If you happen to have old DOS / Netware applications that use data off  a network share… yes they are still out there…. and work in vista….

By default SBS 2008 has 8dot3 filenames turned off and these old applications will not work..

run cmd as Administrator

fsutil behavior query disable8dot3   ( result of 1 is on  o is off )

fsutil behsvior set disable8dot3 0

REboot required…. but to reset the filenames the data has to be copied off the server, deleted and copied back…file by file…

robocopy to the rescue again…

Thanks for your Help




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