Next up is making an “answer file” that will flip the Aurora/SBS Essentials box into migration mode.

Unlike SBS 2011 standard it’s not as nice and gui.  But not to worry it’s pretty self explanatory.

Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Notepad.

2.   Copy the following content and paste it into the file. Do not put any other content into the file.










·      <YourCompanyName> is the friendly name of the company, for example “Contoso Incorporated”

·      <YourServerName> is the name of the server, for example “Contoso-srv”

·      <YourPassword> is the password for the local administrator, for example “Pass@word1”


Do not change the other fields.

3.         Click File, click Save, browse to the root directory of any drive on the Source Server, type cfg.ini for the file name, and click Save.


And save it as a cfg.ini file.  The finished version will look like this:


CompanyName=Coho Vineyard

Save all that to a cfg.ini file and save it to the root of a usb flash drive or other removable media.  Put it in the usb flash drive before you start migrating to SBS Essentials.

If you are doing this in hyperV, build a new floppy vcd file and save the cfg.ini file in the floppy disk.  Then comes the fun part of getting that file you’ve made onto that a drive. I’ll use web based email or a skydrive to move things from one machine to another when the other machine is remote.

Because SBS Essentials does not have Exchange the specs are less.  I’ll still throw 3 gigs at the box just because I can but the minimum is 2 gig. 

Small Business Server 2011 Essentials




One 1.4 GHz (x64 processor) or faster
Or, one 1.3 GHz dual-core


Minimum: 2 GB
Recommended: 4 GB
Maximum: 32 GB

Available Disk Space:

Minimum: 160 GB


And we’re going to start off with a new install, not a repair obviously.

Remember this version will do client backup so obviously one single 200 gig harddrive is not realistic and it’s just because I’m doing this in hyperV.

It will start to install and reboot and what not.


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