Back up and remove the Certification Authority
The Certification Authority must be removed to join the domain. Perform the following steps to back up the Certification Authority and restore it later.
 To back up the Certification Authority
1.    Using Windows Explorer, create an empty folder called C:\CA_Backup.

2.    Click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and click Certification Authority.

3.    Right-click SERVER-CA, point at All Tasks, and select Backup the CA…

(note this will be whatever you called the server in the answer file)

4.    Click Next on the welcome page.

5.    Ensure both Private Key and CA certificate and Certificate database and certificate database log are selected, and choose a location such as C:\CA_Backup

6.    Type and confirm a password for restoring the database, click Next, then click Finish to finish the Wizard.

And don’t forget that password either 🙂

1.    On the Destination Server, click Start, and then click Administrative Tools/Server Manager.
2.    On the left pane, click Roles.

3.    On the right pane, click on Remove Role and run the Remove Role wizard.

4.    Unselect Active Directory Certificate Services.

2.   Confirm that only the Certification Authority is removed, and click Remove.

3.         Once the role is removed, click Close.

(don’t take any additional steps even though it says to do so in the gui window)


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