Okay so the other day on the SMBTN listserve someone was asking about a compelling reason to migrate from SBS 2008 to SBS 2011.  And honestly it’s a hard sell for that one.  Granted the hardware probably will work just fine, but if they migrated to SBS 2008 from SBS 2003 they probably still have the stretch marks from the migration process and not something that they want to go back through right away… Oh sure there’s lots of little things… like nicer SharePoint… like the face that you can adjust the Remote Web Workplace, like the more features of Exchange 2010, ..

but lots of wow?

Hold on…there’s one hiding in your network. 

One of the key productivity items for a firm is multiple monitors.  Before this multiple monitors over a true rdp session was a big rectangle from the remote session.  Not good.

And up until Server 2008 R2/Windows 7 it wouldn’t handle the multiple monitors across the remote web workplace/access.

Until now.

That’s a remote web access session spread over two monitors.  The desktop I’m remoting into has two montors (it’s Philip Elder’s RWA that he graciously let me test this on) and I’ve got images across the two monitors.

As long as the workstation you are remoting into is a Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate (yes, gotta love licensing again) you can offer up multiple monitors across the RWA session.


In Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Enterprise editions, Remote Desktop Connection supports the use of multiple high-resolution displays in a remote session.


3 Responses to Dual monitors in RWA – yes you can!

  1. Dean says:

    The thing that makes it work is that the remote computer has dual monitors also ?

  2. cseiter says:

    Our terminal server has just one monitor and I’ve remoted into it with the desktop spanning across 4 monitors, so I’d think that would be the same here. You could span across the TS with Server 2003 and XP but you either needed the newest RDP client or you had to statically set the resolution using switches for mstsc.exe. At least now the new client makes it much easier with just a checkbox.

  3. bradley says:

    Spanning isn’t the same as multiple monitor support though. When you have two and three monitors it works the nicest when it has the ‘bumper’ of the physical monitor to drag apps to.

    Server 2008 r2 and Win7 have the multiple monitor support.