Here’s a case where I didn’t think something was broken so it was never bugged.  The situation is the url redirect that forwards your users over to /owa.

OWA is Exchange 2007 and 2010 era.  Exchange is 2003.  If your clients are use to /exchange and they don’t take well to change… well… when you migrate to SBS 2011 it doesn’t work.  The folder structure is there but it doesn’t work.

Now if you have a firm full of people used to logging into RWW or RWA (I’ll probably not get used to that change), and using phones for email access, they probably have never used /exchange and won’t care.  If you have a firm that needs this redirect to work…here’s how to put in back.

I just added it to the as well

 6. Fixing the issue of OWA redirect (courtesy of Daryl Maunder)

Create an Exchange folder in the same folder as the OWA folder.
Make the permissions the same as the /owa folder.
Change the /Exchange virtual folder in IIS to point to this folder instead of the /owa it’s pointing to.
Unticked the http redirect on the /owa folder.
Unticked/reticked the http redirect box on the /exchange folder and it created a web.config file in the exchange folder and the redirect from /exchange to /owa now works.


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