Forefront on SBS 2011?

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From the mailbag today…

  A few months ago we implemented Exchange Server on our SBS 2008 box. I started the MS Forefront Security for Exchange Server trial and waited until I had about three weeks left to purchase the product. I called a Microsoft Gold Partner that was unable to help me because they (and their vendors) couldn’t find the correct part number. I posted on Microsoft’s Forefront Security discussion group and I never got a reply. Finally, some very generous and industrious employees at CDW confirmed that the part number we need to license our MS Forefront Security for Exchange Server product is: 74h-00023 (also sometimes listed as 74H-00023-12MO)

I can hardly believe this product was so hard to track down. Even CDW had to spend a considerable amount of time with their Microsoft representatives to find out what the product number is.  

I do have a few unanswered questions yet which I’m not asking you to answer, unless of course you know the answer. 1) Can this product be purchased outside of an Open License agreement? CDW says yes. 2) Is this same product and part number going to be available for SBS 2011?

Perhaps you’ve posted something about this before, or maybe no one uses this product. Or maybe everyone gets lucky and has no problem buying it. At any rate, I thought I would pass this information on in case you have any interesting in posting something about it on your blog.

This is like the story of goldilocks and the three bears.  Microsoft Security Essentials – can’t be installed in a network of over 10 pcs.  Forefront products are SUCH a bear and a half (pun intended) to purchase that Microsoft loses sales in the SMB space because normally everyone gives up a long time ago to run these solutions.

My understanding is that it can’t be purchased outside of an open license agreement/or that the agreement in and of itself makes the open license agreement in the frst place. 

I’m also checking to see if Forefront 2010 is supported in SBS 2011.  Right now Trend does not officially support SBS 2011 either. Someone said the other days that they felt that a major failure in the product was, after touting integrated a/v (albeit the temporary one from OneCare) in the prior version we’re once again scrambling to find solutions.  Right now I’m comfy with mail hygiene and a/v on the desktop along with on demand scanners to do the heavy lifting. 


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