Keeping a bit of notes

On March 23, 2011, in news, by

So if you have a HyperV server and various versions of the same server…how do you keep them straight?

In the notes section…. and it took me until tonight to figure out where that notes section was.

Right click on the snapshot and go to “Settings”. Under “Management” section click on “Name”. You can add notes in this pane.

Sure enough, that’s where it is.  Now I can keep my patching test notes in various HyperV’s.  Cool!


2 Responses to Keeping a bit of notes

  1. Alan Baker says:

    You use snapshots for productions machines?

    Everything i have read is to stay away from them.
    AVHD files are VERY hard to restore from. And you end up using a lot more disk space on the host.

    If its just on a dev server, they are great. Its good to be able to simply remove software from a server after its been tested to be OK.

  2. bradley says:

    Nope this is strictly on the test hyperV box.
    See my follow up blog post and thanks for the catch.