A comment due to my prior post about “notes” in HyperV when I’m taking snapshots for patch testing needs a bit of fleshing out.

So.. do I take snapshots of machines in production when I’m doing patch testing?

Nope.  Any box I do snapshots on are test boxes only.  Meaning it’s a copy of the real box or … as in the case of the SBS 2003, SBS 2008 or SBS 2011 images I have on a single HyperV, they are all dry run tests of the real network migrations.

On a test HyperV I

Take snaps,
Let it do expanding drives,
See if it can overclock on the memory since sp1 (it can’t SBS 2011, 2008, 2003 doesn’t support it)
And all other things you should never do on a real production system.

On the real HyperV I

Never do snapshots.
Always use fixed drives

So when you see me blog about taking snapshots… it’s on the test HyperV only.. the one that is the ‘blow it up first before doing it on the real one’ box.


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