This issue can occur when a user attempts to install the Service Pack, does not restart the machine to complete the installation, installs other updates and then restarts the machine. This issue can also occur if the Service Pack is installed simultaneously with other updates when using WSUS.

During Service Pack installation, the servicing feature of Windows maintains lists of operations to be performed. Some are performed immediately; others can only be done once the system has restarted. One such list is the Primitive Operation Queue (POQ). The POQ operations that need to be performed during restart are stored in pending.xml. In the scenario showing failure, the system attempts to complete the POQ operations twice. The second attempt of the POQ fails (because it has already been done) and causes the error “0xc0000034”. Windows considers any failure at this stage of the install to be blocking and the servicing feature halts the machine from continuing.

If you are not an advanced user and are currently experiencing this error on a Windows 7-based computer, click the link below to view the recovery steps on the Microsoft website:

Why am I receiving “Error 0xc0000034” after installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)? (

Preventative Steps

Steps you can take to help avoid hitting this issue:

  1. Install the Service Pack separately from all other update packages
  2. When prompted, restart the system immediately to complete the Service Pack installation

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