To import users into the console

1.   Open a Command Prompt window as an administrator. For more information, see To open a Command Prompt window as an Administrator.

2.   Change directory to c:\program files\windows server\bin

3.   Type wsspowershell.exe, and then press ENTER.

4.   Type import-wssuser –name <username>, and then press ENTER.

5.   Repeat the previous step for each user who you want to import into the console.

Okay it’s about at this step that you go… okay someone could have coded up a tool for this….




One Response to Essentials steps – getting users into the console

  1. Come on, Susan, this is PowerShell. We can do better than one at a time. Even assuming you want to be simple about it, you could easily create a list at the command line and import the users that way.

    $UserList = “CrisAlmeda”,”Charlie”,”Eriq”,”Dana”
    foreach ($user in $UserList) {Import-WSSUser -name $user}

    And, of course, all the other ways to get information into a list, such as Import-CSV, are available.