Cloud versus reality

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Intuit, Team Up to Target Small Businesses – Digits – WSJ:

Promise of the cloud

Letter From Kiran Patel | Intuit Community:

Meet reality.

Gotta build out those data centers guys if you want all of your clients up in cloud computing.


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  1. Joe Raby says:

    This is why I switched to Invoice2go.

    Well, a number of reasons anyway: we needed something simpler to manage than Quickbooks and Simply Accounting (which despite its name, is still harder to use than Quickbooks), supported in Canada, and it has a nice iPad app that does cloud sync to the desktop version (but doesn’t rely on cloud connectivity for normal usage).

    That, and Intuit has no mobile app, nor does it have any cloud services in Canada. It’s still just a Windows program here.

    Oh, and the iPad version of Invoice2go is only $15. 😉