This should be subtitled - You may lose RDP after rebooting for updates
Some Services May Fail to Start or May Not Work Properly After
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For those that are looking to possibly start patching this week ... besides not patching for .net you might want to check to see if that setting is in place for SBS 2003 boxes.
If you don't have these exclusions in place you may end up losing rdp access to the server.  
So check it out, and if you do lose rdp access it's not the updates, but possibly just the mere rebooting causing this.
If you have never put those exclusions in place, you could still see this issue this many years later. 
If you have put these exclusions in place, you are fine, if you've never checked these settings before, today is the day to do so.

3 Responses to You may lose RDP after rebooting for updates

  1. tcv says:


    I’m sorry. I really don’t understand this blog post. Are you saying that this issue from 2008 may rear its head again now? The text is cut off on the right side, perhaps revealing what I’m not understanding…?

  2. bradley says:

    Do my edits help?

  3. tcv says:

    Yes it does. Thank you.

    This issue can rear its head in other ways, too. I once had a java app for an APC server shutdown product that needed to bind to a port that wasn’t specifically excluded when we put the exclusions way back when.

    So, that old 2008 patch issue can come up again and again and again…