Default with SBS 2011 is SharePoint Foundation 2010.  It used to be that if you wanted to do heavy editing you needed front page, now it’s more built in.  For example to edit the home page:

1. On the SBS2011 server, open Companyweb site with IE.

2. In Site Actions, click Edit page.

3. On the top of the page, clickEditing Tools > Insert > Web part

4. In the Web Parts, please select the Announcements, Calendar, Pictures and Links.

If you haven’t dug under the hood, take some time to do so.

Don’t forget though… take a backup before you start messin’ around.  🙂


One Response to Digging under the hood with SharePoint 2010

  1. SeanPT says:

    I like putting the Faxes on the front page. I don’t know how I’ve managed to completely delete the front page by inserting that web part but I’ve done that more times than I haven’t with SBS2011.

    So yes — poke around because there are a lot of changes with this version of SharePoint!