Getting ready for SBS Essentials?  I just worked on a wiki post for router information for SBS 2011 Essentials

Remember it can be headless, it won’t host email or SharePoint so there’s no need to open up ports 25 or 987.


3 Responses to Getting ready for SBS Essentials?

  1. Russell Clements says:

    When you say that it WON’T host email or Sharepoint, do you mean it is locked in such a way that it is incapable fo hosting email or Sharepoint? Or rather that MS does not include these applications so don’t think you’re getting them out of the box? As I understand it, I could run Kerio Connect and Sharepoint on the box, it’s just not what they want me to do with it. Is that correct?

  2. bradley says:

    I really think that SharePoint is better off somewhere else.

    The sucker it a #@#$@#$ to patch, and every Patch Tuesday where there’s a SharePoint patch I’m sweating bullets.

    I wouldn’t put Exchange on it – buy SBS standard and Breckinridge if you want Exchange. Kerio I’m okay with. But SharePoint is such a bear on those Patch Tuesdays these days that me and it are just not on good speaking terms these days.

  3. Joe Raby says:

    The page says that once UPnP is configured, you can disable UPnP. This is incorrect. Some routers that they didn’t list have separate port forwarding tables for UPnP and if you disable UPnP, the tables are cleared/disabled too. I have a few Netgear routers that do this, but there are others as well. You can check this by looking at the standard port forwarding tables after UPnP setup is done by SBSe, and see if the port settings are there. If SBSe says it’s configured UPnP successfully, but you can’t see the ports in the port forwarding tables, you might have one of these routers. Try disabling UPnP and see if RWA still works.

    Word of advice: if you don’t want UPnP enabled all the time, use manual port forwarding instead and optionally set a static IP address for the server so that if the LAN DHCP leases are renewed with different IP adresses, your server RWA at least won’t be “offline”.