Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 provides both teachers and students the latest and familiar Windows experience. And it gives teachers new tools to orchestrate and manage students’ use of computers, so computers become an effective learning tool in classrooms, libraries and labs. Call in or ask questions live with a couple of experts. Join Matt, Keith, Andy Goodman and Kevin Royalty for an episode on a great new server for education environments. Andy and Kevin are MVPs specializing on this product and other products like SBS and Windows Home Server. This is a great opportunity to get some questions answered on MultiPoint!

Presenters: Keith Combs, Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation, Matt Hester, Sr. IT Pro Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation, Andy Goodman, Microsoft MVP,, and Kevin Royalty, Microsoft MVP, Total Care Computing Consulting

The recording for multipoint is now live.  Register and listen.

You can buy MultiPoint via volume licensing.  You do not have to buy only via OEM.