Installing Multipoint Server

On May 28, 2011, in Multipoint, by

Starting to install a test of Multipoint Server and realized that I didn’t really know the minimum specs for a play box.

So I downloaded this: in order to figure out what the minimums were.  Another good document is here:

Remember multipoint is wizardized remote desktop services server.

You download the ISO and start the install and the Multipoint boots with the normal server 2008 r2 interface..

Click okay to the EULA

I just picked the default of OS size – you’ll probably want larger


You then do the dumb thing where you choose upgrade or custom… which given this is a brand new install you can only do custom…

And it begins to install

It reboots a couple of times and then you are prompted to change the password:

And intially you sit there at a Win7ish looking desktop thinking… uh…where’s the console

And then the Multipoint wizard setup starts up

You need to name the server

Set the updates and participation in feedback

And then it configs

And it’s finished


That’s it for tonight’s edition of “what’s multipoint…”  Tomorrow I’ll blogging more about what it does and how we’re going to join it to the SBS Essentials domain.


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