I just read over on the SMBMVP Tour blog that Dean Paron will be down in Los Angeles next week to discuss MultiPoint.


Now before you say …but Susan… to get into the WPC with a price tag of $2,000 to attend, that’s way out of my price league.  Quite honestly I understand.  I’m in my “cheap bastard” mode this year as we all are, and you aren’t alone in the feeling that it’s hard to justify $2,000 to attend.  One way to hear and see about MultiPoint is through the SMB MVP tour.  If you are affliated with a Partner group, ask them if they are making arrangements to have the tour come to your venue.  But there still may be a “cheap bastard” way to see Dean Paron in action…. I think … and I am confirming …that a $75 Expo only pass may get you into the area of the convention center to catch his sessions.

http://digitalwpc.com/Registration#fbid=2sCCUZQ9Rzb  For those in the LA area, you might want to check out the options for a single day pass of $750.00 or an expo only pass.


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