So I’m preparing for the roll out of Exchange 2007 sp3.  Yeah yeah I know I’m slow on this one but I keep waiting for an update rollup to come out that doesn’t have issues or cause other side effects.  I’m expecting RU4 that fixes pdf attachment problems with macs any day now.

But in the meantime I’m one of the lucky ones that has to remember to follow the extra schema command because sp2 doesn’t ‘up’ the schema as it should when you install sp3 and you lose the ability to build receive connectors.

This is not fixed in -any- update rollup.

It only impacts those that installed Exchange 2007 sp2 and then got ready to install sp3.

Follow that blog and do the extra schema command.


5 Responses to So I’m preparing for the roll out of Exchange 2007 sp3

  1. colmob says:

    Could you please amplify a little on what problems you are having with Macs and PDFs, and what/when RU4 will help with? I may be having a similar problem…Thanks!

  2. bradley says:

    /Mixed-ing it up: Multipart/Mixed Messages and You – Exchange Team Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs:

    “Already I’ve read (and responded to) reports on the Exchange Update Forums that this new code introduced a new problem. PDF attachments from Mac clients which declare their disposition to be Inline aren’t visible in the attachment well. Visible in Outlook Web Access, yes, but MAPI, no.”

    “Christian – I cannot speak to the timetable for RU4 (2k7, 2k10) but both are slated to include the fix. Note that E2k10 RU3 did NOT contain this fix. Ru4 will (as well as the update to prevent the PDF issue). ”

    RU4 for Exchange 2007 sp3 is expected out any day.

  3. colmob says:

    Thank you -very- much, that is indeed the problem I`m having. I`m going to roll back to RU2 for the moment.

  4. colmob says:

    RU4 was released today. One commenter on the Exchange Team Blog says it fixes the issue (thought doesn’t say whether they have tested it, or just that it’s supposed to fix it). I’ll be testing it tonight.