Is your QuickBooks Enterprise v11 .tlg growing out of control? | Intuit Community:

Copied from the Quickbooks forum so I don’t forget this for the future —

One of my brilliant blog readers stumbled on the solution. He posted it to the Performance Issues forum, but I believe all Enterprise v11 users need to know about it.

In a nutshell, the new Search feature can cause some .tlg files to grow out of control. I checked, and mine is just fine. But if you read his story, you’ll see that his was growing up to 1.7GB a day!

You can turn it off by going to Edit > Preferences > Search > Company Preferences and un-checking the little check box next to ‘Update Automatically’. If you use the Search feature, you’ll need to update manually, which will probably cause your .tlg file to grow so you’ll want to follow it up with a manual backup (with full verify).

It’s always a good idea to routinely perform manual backups. Not only does it bring your .tlg file size down, but it verifies your data which is essential to your file’s health. I have my QuickBooks files automatically backed up automatically by three different services – Intuit Data Services, Gillware and Mozy – and I still do manual backups very week or so. Let’s just say I’d be in a heap of trouble if I ever lost any of m client’s files!”


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