Dear IE9

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Dear IE9.
Here’s what I’d love for you to do (and apologies if you already do this somehow and I just don’t know where to click).

When you do that, can you explicitly tell me what parts of the web page you don’t like?

I don’t know what you are trying to tell me.  When I click on the what’s the risk part you talk about online transactions and SSL.  I’m not buying anything at

I blog there and I’m trying to make the page more like you like it but you aren’t telling me what you are not liking so I can fix it.

I don’t want a show all content button, I want a “show me what you don’t like about this page so that I as the site’s owner can fix it”.

Thank you.


5 Responses to Dear IE9

  1. Dean says:

    Isn’t that like the “old”:

    “Not all the parts of this web page are secure. Do you wish to only view the parts of the web page that are secure ?”

    dialog box ?

  2. Dean says:

    Use Fiddler or another packet sniffer to see what is not coming down encrypted.

  3. Push the F12 button. We’ll output this in the Console tab of the developer tools. We’re not hiding it from nerds, we’re hiding it from users who would have no idea what to do with this information.

  4. bradley says:
    If I use that plug in on the site and am logged into facebook it kicks that “only secure is shown”.

    I’m not going to a https://site I’m going to an http:// site with that plug in on it.

    When I remove that plug in and try another, then it works.

    But that plug in makes the site kick a secure content error.

    Right now I’ve removed the offending plug in.

  5. Chris Knight says:

    IE’s always been hopeless in bubbling up diagnostic information to fix a browsing problem. Take any site broken by ESC and the bullsh*t you have to go through to add all the offending sites to the Trusted Sites list to get things working. Oh, and the biggest offending sites? Microsoft property.
    Microsoft really need to look at how NoScript works in Firefox and implement something similar.
    The last straws that finally pushed me off IE and onto Chrome was the continual DoS that IE would impose in trying and failing to log into MS property using Live ID and having to perform a full reset off IE (Chrome + FF would work just fine) and the complete unreliability of restoring the previous session after any type of event (browser crash/shutdown, Windows Update installs).
    While on browsers, the CAPTCHA you use doesn’t render reliably on Chrome.