Images now in forum posts

On August 6, 2011, in news, by

If you use the Microsoft forums you may wish to double check your alert settings in your profile.  I hadn’t received alerts in a bit and found that there was no address in the alert box.

No wonder I wasn’t getting any emails.

The exciting news —

  • Insert Image: Enable users to insert image (more information: see blog post)
  • Tooling Work: Retire outdated internal tooling to enable more velocity on bug fixes and feature work
Notable Bug Fixes
  • Record profile activities and points for private forums (partner, mvp and moderator forums)
  • Record activity for contributing a proposed answer
  • Multiple fixes in the notification service (activities, points and email alerts)
  • Enabled better monitoring to quickly detect and address notification service outages
  • Bug fix for “Thread Preview” when viewing thread posts out of brand context
  • Minor ux bug fixes

You can now insert images into forum posts.

Yes I do realize that is probably 2005 forum technology that finally made it into the Microsoft forums, but lets not squabble over a few years, shall we?  So I’ll forgive them for losing my email address in the alerts for the umpteenth time.


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