SBS 2008 comes with a SQL database that has a 4 gig max for that Monitoring database.  On some networks with noisy activity or lots of workstations, you’ll ultimately hit that 4 gig database.  You’ll know this in two ways – the bpa will alert you and your event errors will indicate you’ve hit the 4 gig max.

So one way to fix this is to merely recreate the database from scratch.  So how do you do that if you are not a SQL guru?

You thankfully have the SBS support folks that are.  Grab that script from the skydrive, and voila, your database issue is fixed.


9 Responses to How to recreate the SBSmonitoring database

  1. Bill V says:

    Now… if only they could do something for the WSUS database on SBS 2003. I’ve tried many times to get the cleanup routine to run on unused updates with zero success. My monitoring reports haven’t work for quite some time now and it’s all due to the mucked up database.

  2. bradley says:

    Can you run the clean up one at a time?
    And also use the driver decline script from the Wsus codeplex?

  3. bradley says:

    Also go into the montoring section/have it repair the monitoring and it does wipe out/recreate it.

  4. Bill V says:


    I always run the cleanups in WSUS one at a time. They all complete except the ‘unused updates’ option. It always times out. I’ve also repaired the monitoring as mentioned above. Still no joy.

  5. bradley says:

    Have you done the WSUS clean up scripts from the codeplex site?
    What’s the specs of the server?

  6. Bill V says:

    I have not used the scripts from the codeplex site although I have considered trying them. The server is an HP ML350 G4P, 3GB ram, SBS 2003 Prem SP2 R2. SQL is not installed, only the MSDE instances.
    Bill V

  7. Bill V says:

    A bit tardy on my reply. Had to deal with the Irene mess over here.

  8. bradley says:

    Decide how close this server is to retirement and try the script tools/cleanup stuff on codeplex.

  9. Bill V says:

    Retirement… yup, we’re there. I have it planned for this year. Waiting to get it approved. Thanks, Bill V