So why is it?

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So here’s a rant.

Why is it that the usb to micro usb cables are sometimes just a smidge different so that you can’t interchange them with another micro usb cable?

They are just enough off that you can’t use a single cable for all things, but instead must have a specific cable for this and a specific cable for that.  Case in point my mifi device that I didn’t realize has a unique micro usb cable and wouldn’t fit the gtablet’s micro usb cable?

And why is it that the new usb3 cables are different than the usb2’s?  Why can’t there be A cable that fits EVERYTHING?


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  1. Russell Clements says:

    Were I to speculate, I’d say that in the former case it’s some jackass manufacturer who wanted to triple their margin on your purchase and get more money out of you when you lost your cable – because who wouldn’t eventually lose that cable?

    The USB3, perhaps I’m being more charitable, but I believe this has to do more with maintaining customer expectations and the actual transmission media and a greater need for shielding to maintain that rate. (I don’t know that the shielding thing is accurate, but that is my suspicion.)

    The customer expectation thing would be this – If I plug in my new BLAZING FAST USB 3 HD with my USB 2 cable and get USB 2 cable throughput, I’m not impressed and may well take it back. However, if I can’t even plug it in with my old USB 2 cable and I HAVE to buy a USB 3 cable, when I plug it in and see the HUGE throughput, I know I’ve just made a good purchase.

    In the first case, it’s the companies throwing me under the bus. In the second, it MAY be that they’re looking out for me a little?

  2. Dean says:

    “And why is it that the new usb3 cables are different than the usb2’s”

    Because USB 3 is much faster then USB 2 therefore the specification has to be different. A USB 3 is backword compatible with USB 2.

  3. Richard says:

    How’s Life?

    Have been using my mifi cable/charger with my thunderbolt and bluetooth headset no problem but, now even the mifi cable fits the new hp touchpad – it does not put out enough power to charge it 🙂