One of the things people want to do is to change their home page in IE.  (As an aside it’s my personal pet peeve about IE.  If people are using IE it’s because they LIKE to not have change or have a line of business app that requires it.  So in IE9 where they hide the favorites and hide the tabs, the people that are STILL using IE and actually LIKE it don’t want to download IE9 as it’s a change from what they have…but I digress…)

So back to our SBS 2008/2011.  You join a computer to the domain and bamn, it changes the home page in IE to companyweb.  And you want something different right?

Go into the group policy management console and go to the Windows SBS User policy.  Drill down to the level shown and change the Home page to what you want.

Windows SBS User Policy

User Configuration
     windows settings
         Internet Explorer maintenance
              URLs/Important URLs
                  Home page url      http://companyweb


7 Responses to But I don’t want companyweb as my default IE home page!

  1. Cal McLennan says:

    Susan – it is not Computer Configuration but is User Configuration

    thanks for the link/info!

  2. Scott says:

    But what if Ben wants Yahoo!, Joan wants Google, and Bobby wants CNN?

  3. bradley says:

    Exactly. Remove the default, leave it blank in the group policy, let them set what they want.

  4. Ventura Paul says:

    MS should worry more about making a secure, stable OS and less about controlling the user environment

  5. Jack says:

    This is a source of annoyance for users I have seen on converting a standard Windows 2003 Domain with Exchange to SBS 2011. As soon as you move users and computers to the correct OU for SBS 2011 the changes like defaulting to Company Web as home page occur (along with the other changes that take hold). The company I converted hated the defaulting to Company Web, The mailbox limits, and other controls not present in RTM.

    Good advice: Warn them about these changes and you limit some of the complaints you will get. Also, know how to turn these features off and don’t be like, “I know what is best for you!”. Be flexible to change the defaults if they insist. It is their money that they are spending!

    Finally, if they have no interest in Company Web or other features, defer to them. You have done your job by showing them the features. If they want Backup Exec versus built in backup, God bless them, make it work for them. The SBS 2011 packaged can be set up to what “they” want. Don’t get stuck on, “well you are not using this cool feature!”. It is their company. Give them what they want within the capability of the product I have done 6 of these beastie conversions this year and will be starting number 7 next week.

  6. Eric says:

    Using SBS2011 and want users to set (and keep) their own preference for their homepage and not allow GP to change it.

    It seems any combination I try,
    (A) Uncheck and leave http://companyweb ghosted in the grey box
    or (B) Remove http://companyweb from the box leaving it blank and uncheck

    GP sets the homepage to blank:home regardless.

    Any suggestions or work arounds?

  7. bradley says:

    Remove the category of home page urls.