PINs iPhones and iPads, oh my!

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I personally don’t understand why people don’t like the PIN code requirement on mobile devices.  It is a device WITH YOUR DOMAIN PASSWORD ON IT. If you lose the device, you risk someone able to merely open the device and read the emails of your system. 

Should you have users that are not into PIN codes and demand that you don’t enforce them, when you migrate to SBS 2011 keep in mind that the default setting for Exchange 2010 is to enforce PIN codes.

In an environment where you didn’t have them, this can be tricky.  Very tricky.

That post for SBS 2008 also applies to SBS 2011.  The setting is default in Exchange 2010’s mailbox policy.


8 Responses to PINs iPhones and iPads, oh my!

  1. RandyS says:

    Why don’t they like the PIN Code rqmt? Simple answer is that PINs are a hassle, especially if you use your mobile phone for music, etc. Everytime you reach for it you are punching in your code. Wanna hit pause to talk to someone? Put in your PIN. Wanna change the song? Put in your PIN. Wanna take another picture? Damn! Missed the shot putting in my PIN.

    Unfortunately, PINs are necessary. I lost my iPhone, in London of all places and I had my passcode activated, so I felt confident that it was uncompromised until I could get it wiped.

    There still needs to be a better way. Perhaps it could allow the foreground entertainment app to go active without a PIN. Yeah, that might be the trick…

  2. bradley says:

    Haven’t convinced me. Press the keys faster.

  3. Dean says:

    “There still needs to be a better way”

    Built in fingerprint reader. But there are so many people who have watched too many movies and they are scared to death that some bad guy will cut their finger off to access the device. That’s why it won’t happen until the current generation reaches old age.

    General security wise you will never get people to use security unless upper management buys in and forces them to. The problem is upper management usually feels like everyone else about the subject. It’s a hassle. Maybe they are right.

  4. Nick Lloyd says:

    You don’t need to enter your PIN to hit pause, just double click the home button while the device is licked and you’ll have media player controls. Would be nice if there was something similar for the camera though.

  5. RandyS says:


    U. Da. Man. I never knew that shortcut. I wonder what else I am missing?

  6. Joe Raby says:

    Sub-cutaneous blood sample, ala Gattaca?

  7. Dean says:

    “Sub-cutaneous blood sample, ala Gattaca?”

    Joe, were you reading this just before you posted that ? 🙂